My Experience with ORB

My Experience with Operation Reach Back My experience with Operation Reach Back Orlando began with an invitation to the very first Father and Son Gala. I did not know much about the organization at the time. However, the first impression was positive. I saw the young men that were involved in the organizations activities and the impact made on them. I saw the dedication of the volunteers and supporters of the organization. Thus, I became a supporter of the organization and attend each annual Father and Son Gala.

My experience with Operation Reach Back Orlando continued as I became involved with the robotics program at my son’s school. Operation Reach Back had a team that shared a facility with my son’s team. I was pleased to advise the both teams in the design and build of their robots. The Operation Reach Back volunteers, along with the Florida Conference Institute for Innovation, ensured the team had every opportunity to learn and create as any of the school sponsored teams. The team consistently built a competitive robot for local and national tournaments.

Now I am a leader of Operation Reach Back Orlando. We continue our partnership with the Florida Conference Institute for Innovation for STEM programs. We are developing other partnerships to provide opportunities for disadvantaged youth. I enjoy making an impact in our community with the dedicated volunteers of Orlando Reach Back Orlando.