Mission and Vision


Impacting Black youth ages 8 -18.



Successfully impacting the development of Black youth everywhere possible through education and other resources.



PASSION: Creating a culture of warmth and belonging. 

SERVICE: We care about our community. 

ACCOUNTABILITY: We strive to minimize the negative impact in our community among black youth. 

SPIRITUALITY: We strive to create a spiritual foundation for those who have been denied.

SELF SUFFICIENCY: We strive to create an economical foundation for those who have been denied.

EXCELLENCE: Enhance the capability of Black youth. (Next to excellence is the appreciation of it.)

PERSEVERANCE: We conquer through perseverance. (Perseverance is the first step to excellence.) 

FLEXIBILITY: Sensitive to the needs of all youth and assisting where possible.  



  • Fostering research. Through such projects as the book Perspectives: Black Seventh-day Adventists Face the 21st Century (Review and Herald Publishing Association, Hagerstown, Maryland, 1996), ORB strives to conduct analysis that is the basis of planning and action.

  • Providing scholarships. ORB is sensitive to the education challenges of our youth and young adults, but especially those seeking Christian education.

  • Facilitating role models. ORB understands the value of example and encourages identification and exposure of Black Adventist achievers as a means of inspiring others.

  • Promoting professional development. ORB's programming includes both education and sharing in intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary networking.

  • Promoting spiritual development. ORB is not organized as a devotional activity, but is thoroughly committed to socioeconomic initiatives that are based upon and inspire spiritual commitment.

  • Undertaking activities that will strengthen the Black community with special attention to Africa. ORB believes that "charity begins at home", but as Joseph who was taken against his will from his home, placed into bondage, delivered from slavery, blessed with a position of advantage and authority in Egypt, reached back to help his family - so should we


Dr. C. B. Rock (Founder) describes ORB's mission

The mission of ORB is to utilize as many resources as possible within our professional community for the enhancement of our people by fostering programs that help resolve needs in any area that our expertise allows.

We are very intentional regarding the plight of young Black males. We are looking to expand our services to include young women as well.

The needs have propelled us toward activities with respect to legal issues, family matters, education, health, etc.