Africa Report: Water Project Update

The following report is from Elijah Katama, our Portland Chapter partner in Kenya. 


"We are being reminded to give thanks to God all the time Mum. We have seen the hand of God in our Water Project. This far the Lord is Ebenezar. Our village/Community where our project lies is called Kwawanzilu village and our nearest market center is Matuu. Kwawanzilu lies in the larger part of Eastern Kenya, Masinga Constituency,  Ekalakala Location. Our tribe is Akamba, and our language is Kamba and in terms of population, we are the fourth largest tribe in Kenya out of the 42 tribes. Kambas are known for their long distance walk. Major livelihoods being pastoralists with little farming activities as our area falls under the Semi - Arid regions receiving very little or rains at All. It is from this gesture and upon a visit from Peter Dennis and Debbie Elliott's that necessitate the need and call for a sustainable water solution.  The ONLY source of clean drinking water are open earth dams which collect rain water for human and animal consumption.  The intake and use of this water which is stagnant has caused a lot of health issues to our population. Living Testimony through its programs on health was more concerned on offering lasting solution to this problem.

The mission is our Water Project:, is to provide clean running water to our community and supported schools and other institutions. Our vision for this project is to build a sustainable farm project that will help in stabilizing the food security for our community through the use of drilled water to irrigate a sizable farm using the modern technology i.e drip irrigation to minimize on water usage.

70% of the Borehole work has been done and we are on the final stages of installing solar panels to run the water. We moved to solar distribution as our area attracts a lot as sun all through out the year. Initial costs of installations are higher compared to electricity but on overall usage, the solar system becomes cheaper as they will no be other monthly charges to incur. 

The boreholes has a capacity of producing 3,500 liters in an hour translating to about 20, 000 in a day pumped for 7 hrs. We will have mounted water kiosks for the community to be collecting their water daily with future plans to supply to nearest orphanages where we support a sizable number of orphaned children.

Currently, we are now working on raising the water towers where the tanks will be placed. Much of what will happen from the farm is a replica of what I learned from Your Bible Speaks Church "God's Garden"  in Portland Oregon. Once our produce will be ready, we will have tables where the community  will come and take a share for the families using the principles in the bible. Just enough for the Day!!.. I welcome any other request that you may have Mum. We are so privileged to have partnered with Operation ReachBack (ORB) all this has happened due your willingness to be available and help in as many needs!. We cannot take it for granted Mum. You own the story, its your story!!.. Thanks too to Butch & Terri, Peter & Debbie, Two Rivers Church, Bob & Vicki, Your Bible Speaks Community Seventh-day Adventist Church where i was groomed, nurtured and attracted all the favor from God and Men, the list is endless, with finally captioning our spiritual parents: Mum Sandraneta Hall &Thomas Hall. We cannot pay you back Mum, Our Prayers;- May God grant you the Desires of your Life. May the Blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob overtake you Mum. We Love you from Kenya, Much Love from Kwawanzilu. This far, the Lord is Good"